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Handmade and engineered in Belgium.

Basalte creates unique user experiences for the Smart Home.

Products are both elegant and simple to use. They do not only look or feel good, they are also great fun to use.

Savant Pro offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single, intuitive app.

It delivers solutions for even the most unique homes, with controls for amenities such as pools, home theaters, and more.


Solutions from JUNG form the skillful bridge between future-proof building technology and aesthetic design "Made in Germany".


Since the invention of the door intercom system, Siedle has focused on achieving continuous improvement. We have been working towards this goal for over 70 years with passion, commitment and the quest for perfection which is reflected in each and every one of our products.


Lithoss is an internationally renowned design company that has been manufacturing handmade design switches for fifteen years now.


With 70 years experience in the speaker industry, Architettura Sonora is offering a range of high performing audio solutions that will suit any need, taking your audio experience to a whole new level, pleasing your eyes as much as your ears.


We embrace functionality and designs in a unique and innovative way. All products are designed by our skilled designers and are manufactured in Denmark.


Honeywell Video Systems CCTV provide reliable identification of potential security threats, keeping public spaces and the people in them safer and more secure.

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SATEL control panels are advanced state-of-the-art devices that provide top-class security, access control and intelligent building systems.


Manufacturing controllers and providing solutions for building and home automation applications​ and Ecosystem for Internet of Things


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